Our current dialer automatically configures a dial up connection for Windows based machines as well one POP email account. Below you will find our Network username extensions. You will also find your username on the sign-up page if you printed it. MAC dialer coming soon. You do not need to use our software. WebRunner subscribers please click here if you need to download WebRunner again. Below you will find a user name extension for the Network you signed up on.  (i.e. for username choice "dan") your dial-up user name on Network L, your dial up username would be "[email protected]". This tells us you are on our V.92 Network.  You will be able to use your account nationwide on the Network you chose. Email username will always end as @zubee.com. Webmail login.

Download Dialer
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Email Configuration
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Level 3 Network L @zubee.com  V.92, MOH, V.44
Quest   Network Q @zubee.com  Some V92
Aleron   Network A @net-a.net  Some V92
UUNET Network G @net-g.net V90
Megapop Network C @net-c.net V90

Updated March 30, 2004